Brisbane: How to Choose a Professional Cleaning Service For Your Home

Sometimes it just seems like a bit too much work to get on top of things in your own home. A basic house clean including cleaning the kitchen, toilet, shower, sinks, dusting and vacuuming and mopping can easily take you upwards up two hours. Add a little more detail like cleaning grout or the fridge and you can easily be double that.

It seems like a simple task to get a cleaner, but try typing “Cleaning services Brisbane” into Google’s search engine results in a surefire way for you to become overwhelmed with your options.

One Less Worry is here to help educate you with what you should be looking for in a cleaning service, to help you choose the right cleaner for you.


broken vase 2Your cleaner is working through your home doing the dusting when the unthinkable happens! They bump into your wife’s favourite $1000 vase. One of two things will happen next. Either they will not have insurance,  or they have it but, it is limited and will probably not be able to afford to replace your vase. You are out $1000 and there is nothing that can be done!

Alternatively, you’ve chosen wisely and the company you deal with has invested in proper public liability, and you are covered for up to ten million dollars of damage. In this case, the cleaner gets a few details from you, forwards it to the insurance company, and you are sent a $1000 cheque. Which scenario would you prefer?

Quality Guarantee

bond clean guarantee police checked cleaners

It may seem like such a fundamental practice, yet most cleaning companies will not come back once they have performed the service, even if the quality is subpar. For this reason, making sure the cleaning company has a quality guarantee is also a very important consideration when making your selection. A quality guarantee means that the company will make sure you are absolutely happy with your clean, otherwise they’ll come back and make it right.


Check the reviews of any cleaning company you might be considering, as it is a fairly foolproof way to tell what kind of service you will be getting. Having no ratings is not necessarily a bad sign, but it probably means that the company doesn’t have a lot of experience in cleaning homes. Low ratings are something that you will definitely want to avoid. In this instance you may wish to ask for a reference for someone that they have cleaned for before.

oneless worry 5 stars reviewFinding a company with a high rating is a very reliable indicator that the cleaning business you are considering has made a lot of people happy. Make sure that your final choices have a five star rating on Google. This should be easy to spot as Google display these results on the search page and in Google Plus.

Luckily, One Less Worry Cleaning has a great five star rating, and ticks all the other boxes above too. Our quality guarantee and comprehensive insurance means that we have everything we need to clean your home without you worrying about a thing.

If you live outside of Brisbane I hope I have given you some good tips. But if you live in Brisbane I hope to hear from you soon.

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