The Best Cleaners in Brisbane

If you’re in Brisbane, you just found the top domestic cleaners in the area. We understand that you’re busy at work or school; with your friends; doing the things you love. That’s why our #1 priority is always to make things easier by uncluttering your life.

With us, you’ll rest easy because you no longer have to worry about whether your home is clean; whether your new maid is trustworthy; whether you remembered to load up the laundry machine or not.

With One Less Worry, your home will be cleaned by a local company who love nothing better than giving you a smooth, reliable experience. You can pick from a wide range of options, customizing and scheduling the cleaning you need online. Seeing as we are insured and that we screen all our cleaners and never outsource our work to other companies, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that your home and property  are absolutely safe.

This is what our company stands for – and what’s made us the go-to choice for so many of your fellow Queenslanders. We understand your busy schedule and what you expect from a top-notch cleaner, so we make our service as efficient as possible, starting with our booking page where you can get an instant quote and make payments online (so no more rushing to the ATM to pay your housekeeper).

Our Service Areas

Here in Australia, there are many reasons for your home or office to be in need of cleaning. With sandy beaches on one hand and the dusty outback on the other, a hot summer’s day can bring in plenty of debris; bad news if you have asthma, an annoying allergy or a dislike for dust particles on everything in your home.

Fortunately for you, we offer a full range of services that’ll tidy up any space and have it looking brand new in no time. We offer cleaning in Paddington; Carindale; Coorparoo; New Farm; Morningside; East Brisbane; Kangaroo Point.

That means you don’t have to look for the perfect company in your area anymore. We’re here to handle all your needs – and we serve just about all of Brisbane, meaning you can book your first One Less Worry clean in just seconds by using our “Instant Book!” link at the top of this page!

What Kind of Cleaning do you Need?

Before you hire a professional to clean your home or office for you, it’s important to assess what your goals are – and how involved you want your service provider to be.

Sometimes, all you want is a little help with spring cleaning – or a second person to help you after a big move. If that’s the case, you may well be happy with 1 or 2 long visits where your cleaner doesn’t necessarily access your bedroom.

However, chances are that after seeing how easy and affordable it is to have a professional cleaning service take care of your home, you’ll want to use the service again and again… At which point you’ll have to ask yourself: how often – and how thorough – do I want my cleaning to be?

If you have a large home with lots of family members, you may want to have a cleaner come in 3-6 days a week. Of those days, 1 or 2 will be for deep cleaning; 1 or 2 will be for laundry; the others will just have basic, cursory cleans that keep everything looking (and feeling) neat and tidy throughout the week.

If you live alone but don’t have much time for cleaning, it also makes sense to have multiple cleaning sessions each week. Busy professionals commonly use our services 3-4 times a week because they’ve no time to do much cleaning on their own. Of these days, 1-2 are usually dedicated to deep cleaning, and 1-2 – to everyday tidying up and laundry.

Finally, if you live alone or have a small family where you mostly clean up after yourself – or yourselves – you may only need as little as 1 deep clean each month to make sure that all your home’s hard-to-reach spots, rarely-visited rooms and tall book shelves are in tip-top shape.

The great news is that regardless of the amount of cleaning you need, we’re already doing cleaning for your neighbors in New Farm, Coorparoo, Paddington, East Brisbane, Morningside, Kangaroo Point and Carindale – and we’d love nothing better than to do your place next!

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